Comodo Internet Security Review

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Comodo internet security is one of the few internet security systems that truly manage to frustrate the hackers. Comodo group from Jersey City in New Jersey is the one which designed this amazing software. All personal firewall systems in general can filter, block, scan and stealth ports. This automatically makes cybercrime difficult preventing hackers from getting through. The task of all security software’s is to protect the user’s personal details and make the online experience safe. In addition, there are virus outbreaks on a steady pace. Due to this reason, Comodo issues updates on a regular basis.

Comodo Review & Comodo Features

What makes Comodo internet security different and much more preferred than the other firewall softwares is because Comodo comes with a number of improvements. It also offers a few additional features, which makes the software much more effective than it was before.

There are several differences between the various firewall softwares. These softwares have a basic similarity in its functions but other than that they all have something different to offer. One cannot deny the importance of firewall softwares in ones computer. As long as there is cybercrime, such measures will be necessary.

There are several features of the Comodo internet security, which are the same as all other firewall softwares. However there are some new features too which make it a good deal.

  • · Malware detection and blocking is the most important function of firewall software. The stronger it is the better for the user. Comodo boasts to block most of the major malwares like viruses, Trojans and worms.
  • · It offers firewall protection to the users.
  • · It is data inscription facilities on both wired and wireless connections.
  • · They have designee certain technologies that will keep the computer of the user safe. This includes that sandbox which allows unknown files to run safely and protect the computer.
  • · There is a downloaded user guide available for the users. It is very simple to use and is thus best for nonprofessionals.
  • · There are online knowledge bases and forums for discussion
  • · You can also get email support from the authorities.

Comodo Review – Add-Ons

The user guide that comes with the Comodo internet security software is a layman’s dream come true. It is beyond excellent. The user guide mentions everything in details and in a much simpler language. The customers have access to the LivePCSupport at all hours. They help that the customers receive are completely free of cost. If the help is still insufficient, there are measures that will allow the support technician to remotely access the user’s desktop. The Comodo group also offers for a special service. If virus infects the PC of the user while using the Comodo internet security, the company will clean the PC free of cost. If they fail to clean the computer, they pay a substantial amount for the damage. This facility is fo0r US citizens only. Others will have to consult with the technicians online. However, there is not much to worry about since there have been very few complaints about Comodo internet security service.