F-Secure Antivirus Review

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Malicious programs and threats can stealthily invade your computer when you go online or use infected software and therefore, protecting your computer is crucial for keeping all the data safe and intact. F-Secure Internet Security offers protection from all possible threats to your computer especially, all the vital data and information it contains.

The anti virus software detects and shields your computer from viruses, Trojans, Spyware and other threats. It even provides real time security. The F-Secure Internet Security offers unique proactive protection through the new DeepGuard technology. This enables excellent protection from unknown and future invasions thereby making your computer fully secure.

Even though the software costs a lot more than other similar software, it offers you better security. It comes with award-winning antivirus software and an easy-to-use personal firewall.

Installation Process

The software has a self explanatory online tutorial on how to install and run the program. The installation process is easy and extremely quick. Once the anti virus is installed, you must reboot the computer to activate the program. The performance of F-Secure Internet Security is at par and at times better than similar software.

Simple Interface

The screen comes with the usual customer friendly options which make using the software simple to handle. The computer can be scanned at the click of a button. In fact, all the configurations can be accessed by selecting the corresponding tabs. The interface is easy to understand as all the instructions are clearly and systematically listed.

Positive Features

The F-Secure Internet Security comes with an inbuilt parental control which lets you block access to selected websites with undesirable matter. The DeepGuard 2.0 technology enables quick reaction times against malware. The technology is unique to F-Secure and it helps to block anything which poses a danger to your computer. DeepGuard has the ability to differentiate between safe and potentially harmful software making it easy to deal with all threats. It sifts all the received mail and removes the spam. The software gives added protection against phishing and offers complete internet security. Another interesting feature of the software is that it does not automatically quarantine a file while scanning it. It lets you decide what action to take. This is a default setting, which can be configured anytime.

Customer Care

F-Secure Internet Security has a toll free telephone number where technical executives handle all your queries. Online support is available through a video tutorial, which helps understanding the program better. You can contact the manufacturer via email also. The official website has a FAQ page that answers all queries a customer may have regarding the product.


The best feature of the software is its ability to immediately identify all threats and act against them. The software has the ability to scan for threats very fast, whether it is a real time scan or a full computer scan. It is user friendly and if the software is installed on your computer, you can rest assured that you will have total privacy. You can browse the net without the fear of being hacked or attacked. It gives you total online protection and a great peace of mind.