Intego VirusBarrier Mac Review

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There have been too much malware scares on the Mac lately. Fortunately, there are such antivirus applications available that can be used to protect your system from being malicious. You’ve likely heard about Intego VirusBarrier Plus, if you are into virus application. When it comes to securing your Macs against viruses, Intego VirusBarrier is one of the heavy hitter you should look for. The application Intego VirusBarrier Plus is supporting both Mac and Windows malware.

Cost Effective Solution For Mac Users To Have Extra Protection Against Malware

The introduction of Intego virusbarrier plus has make a great revolution in the software industry. It is a fully featured antivirus scanner that detects Mac and Linux malware. You can schedule scans for specified times or perform quick or full scan at the click of a button. Now user can avail Intego VirusBarrier Plus in English, French, Italian, German, Russian and Spanish language versions. Basically, this software is a very cost effective solution for Mac users that wants scanning and extra protection for searching malware.  Intego VirusBarrier Plus scans your hard drive for both Mac and Windows malware. This will ensure that you are protecting yourself as well as don’t unsuspectingly pass on anything to your PC-using friend.

Intego VirusBarrier Plus Allows Schedule Scans Regularly

You don’t have to worry about manual scanning in regular period of time because this antivirus let you do the schedule scans regularly. This antivirus simply scans the system and report on what it finds.  Intego VirusBarrier Plus is basically offering you the protection that you would expect from an anti malware package. It potentially improves the performance of system as there is no messy software running on your Mac.  Mac users are always protected against several malwares such as PDF malware, Flash malware, keyloggers, hacker tools and other malicious scripts. Intego VirusBarrier Plus is also allowing advanced users to run malware scans from the command line to scan all the files on their Macs. This antivirus also provides free malware definition updates at least twice a week, so that users can check for updates to malware definitions easily.  There are some very useful features of Intego VirusBarrier Plus which are discussed below:

  • Scans and repairs Mac OS X malware
  • Scans and eliminates infected Windows executables
  • Finds and eliminates PDF and Flash malware
  • Finds and eliminates malicious scripts
  • Users can run Quick Scans or Full Scans
  • Users can identify trusted files and folders
  • Easy to use and no impact on performance
  • Scans can be scheduled

Intego VirusBarrier Plus is not only capable of finding and repairing malware aimed at Mac OS X but also detect and eliminate malware that may be hitching a ride on your Mac.  For more advantage, it can also scan certain files that can harbour malicious nasties like documents from Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Flash malware and malicious scripts of the JavaScript or PHP varieties can also be detected by this antivirus. There’s also a command-line tool in the antivirus Intego VirusBarrier Plus that allows you to repair all the files on your computer by going deeper into the Mac’s OS.