Top 4 Awesome Sci-Fi Movies Of 2011

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2011 and 2012 thus far have been quite a ride for Its Sci-fi community. We have seen great successes with movies like the Avengers, Transformers, and other fantastic movies. Sci-Fi isn’t necessarily just about aliens and weird monsters. There are also many diverse facets of Sci-Fi which makes it such a popular genre of movie goers. In the following guide, we’ve got a look at a number of the ideal sci-fi movies of 2011. There are too many to count and therefore don’t be offended if you believe I missed out in your favorites! Find out more views of couchtuners.

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The very first movie (list is in no Specific order) is that the Good, older Transformers. Yes, I know there’s basically no good storyline which goes with the movie. It’s just about robots each other together with humans doing what they can to conserve the entire world. I have to include things like this movie as the consequences are still just awesome. Even though they dropped Megan Fox, they were able to replace her with all the equally magnificent Rosie Huntington. Additionally, it is funny how she’s taller than Shia Lebeouf. The robot transformation proceeds to impress, along with the flying people (no CGI) will continue to stay in our memories.

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The next movie is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II. This movie focuses on Harry and co focus on ruining the last few horcruxes. The effects are awesome and we are able to observe a few epic minutes from secondary characters such as Neville.

I like this movie as it Is different. What happens if the planet is engulfed with an outrageously deadly varius? There’s but 1 method to find out from gomovies

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The Last movie on the list of the Best 4 sci-fi movies of 2011 is Growing of the Apes. I’ve always been a lover of this Planet of the Apes therefore that I had been so pleased to find some type of sequel for this. It targets the genetic experimentation of a single ape that activates a struggle for supremacy between people and simians.

Again, There Are Lots of great sci-fi movies I’ve not Referred to. Special mentions go to Actual Steel, Battle: Los Angeles, Cowboy & Aliens, Captain America, and Thor.