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ViRobot Desktop Coupon can be defined as one of those basic antivirus systems that are available in the market. Developed by Hauri, the ViRobot Desktop antivirus systems can be given consideration based on a brief review as follows. Protection Scope – Designed to protect your PC’s from Malwares, Trojans, viruses and worms. The program is set to detect and defend key loggers, spyware and other unnecessary or unwanted programs. Hauri itself suggests the need of more comprehensive programs for a full PC protection and support.

Effectiveness – There are more of cons than pros when it comes to effectiveness. The ViRobot Desktop Coupon has failed in most Virus Bulletin test conducted since almost last one decade. The installation process is easier and just requires one time restart of your computer. It asks for a scan for the processes that you are currently running. It’s quite easy to handle but certainly not the most user friendly one there out in the market. The interface is tabbed and makes it easy for the basic users to understand and identify the options very easily. One small noticeable aspect is the wide range of options that opens up on clicking the settings tab. ViRobot seems to have an impact on the functioning of the computer by slowing down during the scanning process. As compared to some high end antivirus system whose engines runs much faster at 30 MB or even lesser, ViRobot runs at 75 MB plus, which is relatively higher.

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The basic utilities makes ViRobot Desktop antivirus, a worthy application. Apart from the utilities, there are few other unique features that distinguish it from others. The option provided to set password for the application access is the main among them. It also can specifically scan or avoid files from scanning as per user instructions. It scans external drives as well as compressed files as well. There is also a sterile quarantine, where the user can store the detected files that are not being able to fix automatically. In the mean time, the user can decide whether to restore the file or to delete it. The antivirus package also includes a system cleaner, which assists in clearing up the old unwanted files, internet history, cookies, temporary net files, files in the recycle bin etc.

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Manual scan is possible at any time. Every 4 hours, the software checks for any recent updates as well. Updates are done automatically and are made sure of before any new installation on your computers by Hauri.  There is a wide FAQ’s section online as well as a detailed product manual which is also seen on their website. E-mails are welcomed by Hauri, which seems to be bit difficult for many but effective as they promise. If you set the blocker to allow the pop up option that makes you get connected to online help straight away from the ViRobot Desktop Coupon program, it is easy for your access to online support.